Happy Birthday!

23 Jun

Since my birthday is this weekend, I decided to try out some new recipes for my birthday.  I grabbed a fairly praised chocolate WASC recipe from CakeCentral.com (AMAZING Chocolate WASC Cake by Cakepro) and a new recipe listed for Caramel Cream Filling by SRumzis.

The cake recipe was pretty easy I halved the original recipe and was able to make 2 6-inch rounds, 12 cupcakes, and had some left over!

First: Gather and measure supplies

The batter ended up being less thick than what I’m used to.

I tried baking both the cupcakes and the rounds together. The cupcakes only needed about 9 minutes of baking, but the rounds ended up needing about 22-25 minutes.  Even then, some of the cupcakes were slightly burnt at the edges. Also, my oven rack must be slightly tilted or there are cold spots? because the rounds came out lopsided.

I wrapped and refrigerated the cakes for the next day to be used.  Then I tried to make the Caramel Cream Filling. It came out pretty good. Important: I conveniently  forgot ignored that it was a  filling. I tried to used it as both filling and frosting. It was definitely too soft and couldn’t hold to the cake sides or even the weight of stacking!

In the end, I made two 6 inch rounds; one for home and one to bring to work.

Original Goal:

Make a 2 layer cake.  (Fail)

Try new chocolate cake recipe. (Success!)

Try new recipe for frosting. (Partial credit?)


Research all recipes being used.

Make sure that I plan all things that I wanted to see in a cake. (I was slightly aiming for a frosting/outer layer that would allow clean lines. Not to mention being about to hold 2 layers together without seeping out the sides.)

See you guys next time! I’ll aim for another project in 2 weeks or so. (It’s easier to plan things that far ahead with a 10 month old underfoot!)